Resistance Is Futile

IT is rapidly emigrating to the cloud. Plug-in to the internet and source everything you used to get from a traditional onsite IT department: backup, storage, upgrade maintenance, file-sharing, blogging, whatever. The cloud is driving the “bring your own device” movement in corporate America and resistance is futile.

The secret value of the cloud is the empowerment of individuals to engage IT resources easily and quickly to do whatever they want. Ten years ago we would’ve needed thousands of dollars in IT stuff and a full time highly-skilled employee at approximately $50k/yr in order to manage and publish one commerical grade blog. If we lost that employee for even one day we’d be toast. Today using the cloud our cost is a couple hundred dollars a year and we’re up 24/7. The cloud is disrupting life as usual for corporate IT while creating new opportunity for smaller businesses.

The link below takes you to a story about how IBM’s CIO is dealing with the fallout from the company’s “bring your own device to work” program. Large organizations can’t adapt quickly enough for tablets and smartphones so they’re forced to cripple the functionality of those devices to secure corporate data. Smaller businesses have no problem adapting but the issues of security and privacy are becoming real issues for the first time.

Is resistance in fact futile?

One company’s experience is worth thinking about…
IBM Faces the Perils of “Bring Your Own Device”


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