Mixing business with social—bad for both?

“Do Business And Social Mix?” As Facebook was going public, GM announced they were pulling their ads from the social network because it didn’t sell cars. The dirty little secret is internet ads can be hyper-targeted at Web-scale with effectiveness measured in real time—GM knew a long time ago that Facebook ads didn’t sell cars. Why did GM wait to “share” until the week of Facebook’s stock offering?

Facebook went public at 38 and is down 20%. Everybody’s talking about the value of social networks as an advertising medium instead of GM’s odd timing or their social failure. If Facebook had gone public at 28 instead of 38 the stock might be up 20% and the talk would be about GM. Small business can learn from this but there’s always more to these stories than meets the eye. Re-Think your own strategy and remember—social is a technology that empowers individuals. Keep that in mind and the ways you can imagine using social for business may surprise you.

Is mixing business with social turning out to be bad for both?
There’s A Message In Facebook’s IPO Slide


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