Meet The Squatters

Every business large or small has them. People who come to work everyday and get paid while dreaming about being somewhere else. The real secret of social networks and cloud computing is that they empower individuals to pursue dreams anywhere anytime. Today any employee can start a blog, sell advertising, post new content, and update their Facebook page from their Android phone while sitting at their desk or walking to Starbucks. The cloud has so blurred the boundaries between social and business few question the ethics of “squatting at work.”

The article below will leave you slack-jawed at the lack of ethics on the part of the protagonist. Yet, the squatting entrepreneur at AOL is well on his way to raising his millionth dollar in venture capital from people who lauded his willingness to “do whatever it takes.” But the cloud and social networks enable billions of people to squat at work now and all they need is a smartphone—WordPress has an app that enables me to Post and Comment to Cryptocog from my phone. The empowerment is extraordinary and already we take it for granted. This is the new baseline for user-acceptance.

The hidden value of technological advancement throughout human history is the gradual relentless increase in power for individuals. The strategy for business owners and executives is less about Facebook than how to free employees to use social technologies to do their jobs better, quicker, smarter.

Is business social now or is there a squatter inside every one of us?

Enjoy this story about the squatting entrepreneur…
Meet the tireless entrepreneur who squatted at AOL


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