Love. Somewhat. Not-at-all…?

An analysis of the Ad Age/Citigroup survey shows how marketers who are paid big bucks to spend big bucks, waste big bucks…

Marketers Love Facebook
Charts: Ad Age Digital

Until GM pulled its ads and caused the Facebook IPO fiasco, social advertising was an insider-game. GM began to think social advertising with its ability to hyper-target ads at Web-scale with real-time feedback on effectiveness—doesn’t work. Increasing numbers of marketers now claim to gain little insight with all the new facts at their disposal. For business executives this is food for thought and it’s a free lunch.

Social media is not the message. Social technology is the message. Social media is a Web-scale real-time notification technology—a tool that can be used to streamline a shocking number of business processes: corporate communications, reporting, metering, customer service, fundraising, to name only a few. In the abstract, social media is notification infrastructure for business processes. Facebook is notification infrastructure for friends & family. That’s why the ads don’t work. Companies who advertise on Facebook are placing ads on infrastructure.

Thinking about social media as a destination for campaigns leaves you preoccupied with the wrong questions: Do you like Facebook? Do you advertise on Facebook? Does it work? The only insights being: Love. Somewhat. Not-at-all.

Thinking about social media as a technology for transforming processes inside the firm leaves you with ideas for materially impacting the business.

See the Ad Age/Citigroup survey results here:
“Marketers Love Facebook, But Many Have No Idea If Their Ads Work”


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