Talk On The Wild Side

Social media is scrambling the world of business. By its nature social is chatty, interactive, and real-time. And that changes the requirements for business Web sites in fundamental and surprising ways.

Social media strategies range from cautious to wild-side. “the brain yard” is a relatively new Web site launched by Information Week where you’ll find sober opinions on social media strategy for business.

But for a kicked-up view of the future take a look at Radical Media’s Web site. There’s a whole lot going on there from which to learn. Right out of the gate you’re immersed in the work of the firm. It’s incredibly promotional without being obnoxious. You want them to work with you.

But Radical Media has launched something even more interesting on YouTube called THNKR. If you’re familiar with TED think of this as more consumable, more social. This is how we may soon be presenting our business on the Web.

Video is simply a richer medium for communicating ideas and the days of the document-centered Web are numbered. The way people present their business on the Web is going to change. They’re going to talk more. A lot more.

THNK about it.


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