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Recently we discussed how business Web sites will become video. Video is still the most compelling medium for storytelling and business has stories to tell. But if video takes over the Web what does that mean for social? From the beginning social media has used Chat and Comments where people let their fingers do the talking—anonymously. It turns out that behind the cloak of anonymity people will say shocking things quite casually. The video Web may change that—or not.

Huffington Post has seen the video future and is launching HuffPost Live on August 13th.

HuffPost Live – Screenshot of signup page (07-18-2012)

HuffPost Live integrates social technology with video by allowing anyone to submit a video comment for possible posting. This won’t last as the dominant model. It will lead quickly to real time self-posting Video Comments. Resistance is futile. HuffPost’s notion of refereeing video submissions is salutary but it reminds us of the days when Comments were reviewed before posting was allowed. Once the volume of submissions overwhelmed the referees Web site owners threw up their hands and let come what may. Human filtering of video posts is impractical at even a low number of submissions. In the text world software robots analyze comments for certain key words but are inept at discerning kaakaa. Robots can analyze the audio layer but beyond that “social video” will arrive in all its glory.

As video becomes more pervasive on business Web sites small business owners will feel pressured to adopt it for themselves. However video is a level above text. It’s not as easy producing compelling video as it might seem to say nothing of monitoring video-commenting. But if YouTube is any guide small business owners won’t be shy about creating Web videos for their site.

If anonymity frees people to say shocking things will Social Video lead to a bull market in disguises?


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