Information Swiping

For 10 years we watched the cast of CSI Miami swipe data and catch bad guys. Now it’s our turn.

Copyright CBS

The folks at Oblong Industries invented swiping and visualization technology years ago at MIT and are getting close to making it available to the market. They’ll be demo-ing it at popup centers across the country. Don’t miss it. This is worth queuing up for.

Screenshot from Oblong Industries home page

The era of Big Data is upon us. Real time streams are monitored in the cloud and stored for on-the-fly categorization with cutting-edge database and analytics technology. There are many problems left to solve on the way to an information-based reality but information visualization is at the top of the list. We’re going to need special visualization tooling to navigate through the vast ocean of information to ever find something useful and this technology could be it. No business—no matter the size will be unaffected by this transformational way of interacting with information.

Big Data is coming—can you see it?


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