Big Ask

It’s not just a place to upload pictures of our lives. Social media is a technology. And people who understand that are transforming our lives beyond the simple interactions that occur on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. Quora is only one example of what they’re creating. is a Web site that uses basic social media technology in a way that allows people to leverage their Facebook and Twitter accounts to get answers to any question that comes to mind. Here’s just one example that showed-up on our own Quora page:

Social media like Facebook and Twitter are the quantum foam giving rise to a much richer Web experience through linkages to sites like Quora. Others in the pipeline include Branch and Medium (both from the founders of Blogger and Twitter). These sites are all built on the standard protocols of the Web assembled in an interactive motif we call “social media.” It is profoundly transformational—we’re entering a time when Knowledge can be mined by anyone with a laptop, a tablet, or even a just a smartphone by tapping into a connected planetary mind. With all the hoopla surrounding Big Data over the past several years we almost forgot to think about the required counterpart—the Big Ask.

When anyone can get the answer to anything anytime what will be the role of pundits, or experts, or—teachers?


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