The Kred-ibles

You don’t know it but you leave a cookie crumb trail leading back to your name every time you interact on a social network. Tweet? Friend? Comment on Tumblr? WordPress? Like things? Follower or Followed? Every little thing you do is stored, analyzed, and correlated against commercial opportunity by software robots that don’t take coffee breaks. In “Moneywall” we predict that some people’s Likes will be found to be more valuable than others. Eventually those people will be paid for their Likes. Kred Story is a new Web service that ranks interactions on social media on an “influencer” scale. Check it out…signup for the launch and find out who the Kred-ibles are.

But think about it. When human interactions become ranked on the basis of influence what will be more important—your name or your rank?

Play this video for an introduction to Kred
[ id=47756333]



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