‘Hooking-up Is Hard To Do’

Picture © Victor Kerlow (Technology Review)

The use of Facebook for political purposes is the story of how a Web site designed originally to help college freshmen hookup ended up becoming a field organizer’s dream in presidential campaigns.

All social media resides in the cloud so there’s a potential for 7 billion people to interact. Today 2.2 billion people are on the Web. A billion of them belong to Facebook. Those kind of numbers will eventually attract people looking for love and money. Thus the inevitability of politicians attempting to hookup with voters and contributors. Facebook is now a virtual battleground state where presidential candidates armed with special apps wage war in the misty mist of long lost friends, billions  of Likes, millions of streaming playlists, speed daters, and photos of grand children—a 21st century Kurt Vonnegut novel. It’s hard to imagine a social network maintaining its character once it becomes a playground for politicos and harder still to imagine how political parties can increase brand equity by exploiting interaction potential on a social network. We shall see.

Is the mixing of politics and social ‘the death of the party’… ?

Technology Review article >>>Here.


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