The Faker You Pose The Power You Get

Social media empowers everyone—all they need is a smartphone. Put a smartphone in someone’s hand and they’ll immediately start interacting, posting opinions, and kicking butt on a planetary scale. No holds barred. 2.2 billion people do it everyday. On the Web.

But what happens in the real world? That’s where only the few get to kick butt. Why? It turns out kick-butt people have been dealt a high dose of testosterone (aggression) and a low dose of cortisone (stress). Au contraire everyone else. Facing each other in the physical world these hormones fire-up automatically. Think about it. It means positions of power throughout society are filled by winners in the hormone lottery and the law-of-the-jungle is the guiding principle in spite of our delusional claims to the contrary. Is there a way to turn the tables on such outrageous fortune?

In Amy Cuddy’s TED presentation she share’s her research into the secrets of power posing: how to watch it, how to fake it, how to turn the tables. What she found will surprise you. Check it out and learn how anyone can get in touch with their inner kick-butt. The physical world will never be the same.

It really makes you wonder though…is the Shrinking Violet who dishes it out on social media really slumped-over in a chair, arms crossed, ankles wrapped, head buried in hands?

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