The Horns Of Dilemna

“You killed my Father, prepare to die…”

The cloud killed client-server but moving-on presents obstacles. Like security, privacy, and confidence. Corporate enterprises are heavily invested in the IT model of the past when they controlled the infrastructure. But few startups over the last 5 years have worried about infrastructure. The new new people use the cloud as their IT department. Their focus is information streams while large enterprises struggle to liquify ossified data. Small businesses and startups have been cloud-users since the early days of the Web and are open to the cloud by nature.

IT began a sustained emigration to the cloud with the launch of the World Wide Web in 1991 complete with hosted Web sites and email. For a small monthly fee ($10-$20) small business got a Web site and internet mail for all their employees while incurring no additional costs for IT personnel, server purchases, maintenance, or upgrades. Today small business is uniquely positioned to adopt “the internet as IT department.” For a good report on the dilemma faced by large enterprises go HERE. And be glad you’re a small business.

As IT completes its emigration to the cloud, will the focus of corporate IT executives shift finally from technology to information—or does the human fascination with technology make the past our destiny?

Photo/Nick Noecker 2012


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