Don’t Write What You Know, Write What You Don’t Know You Know

In this video from THNKR TV a famous playwright wanders aimlessly in front of the camera and still you watch it.

Bear in mind that Tony Kushner is highly accomplished in the art of stagecraft where wandering through the wilderness is stock and trade. He’s an artist. You are not.

Social video is now the default art form in business communications and it changes everything. Video is unforgiving on appearance, forgiving on content. While it’s true that content-free loquaciousness can be high art, e.g., My Dinner With Andre, know that when the camera rolls you’ll be no Andre Gregory. Don’t believe it? Sit in front of a rolling camera and try to say something compelling about your business that will not make you cringe when you watch it.

Tony Kushner can wander ’round and ’round and up and down but we’ll watch anyway because he’s passionate and animated and he makes us believe he’s on to something no matter how convoluted it sounds. You can’t do what Tony does. Not on the first try. Social video for business communications is becoming as important a tool as Facebook, Twitter, and blogs but the talent and expertise required to be effective is way different. What you really need are acting lessons.

As social video becomes a communication strategy for business—are we all destined to become thespians?


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