Social Video: Don’t Do This, Do This

Video killed the email star…and exposed more faults than we knew we had.

Jim Geraghty is a big-brain pundit at National Review. But that’s not important. In his first social video he manages effortlessly to bring himself down to the level of the hoi polloi. That’s important. To his credit he warned us it was an experiment. Watch Jim in his video below and see thyself.

Charlie Todd is a prankster. He creates, choreographs, and stages large-scale pranks in public places. So he has a sense of stage presence on a grand scale. THNKR TV is a YouTube channel from @ Radical media. Radical is a cutting-edge storyteller (formerly known as corporate communications) but the lesson is the value of production value. Watch and be Charlie, not Jim.

The THNKR TV piece exposes Geraghty’s early 90’s dialup look and cave-like audio. Geraghty’s movements in his chair seem arresting next to Todd’s equally animated body. Why? For starters Charlie’s face fills the screen vertically and is always positioned left-of-center—a photographer’s trick that automatically makes the shot look interesting even when it’s not. The shot angle changes often but the pace is right. Jim can’t afford professionals to assist him in creating great video every day and neither can most business people. But with a little observation and even less money you can avoid Jim’s unfortunate result.

Put in other ways: why does THNKR TV always chop-off the top of heads, never shows bellies, binds arms to chairs, and never ever allows presenters to wear shirts the same color as their hair?


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