The Art Of Social Selling

Social media is a creature of the Web and that’s why billions of people can interact, update, and notify each other in real-time on a planetary scale. Don’t believe it? The Mars Rover has thousands of Followers on Twitter. The consequence of this strange progeny called social media is the instantaneous distribution of information to everyone for the first time in history. Seeing this, marketers have developed the notion that asymmetry between sales person and customer is vanishing since both now have equal information. The idea behind social selling is to leverage the interactive features of social media to “collaborate” with customers. Marketing people have been dreaming-up ways to get customers to sell themselves forever but social media makes it easy and cheap. Marketing firms like have even taken to calling themselves “storytellers” rather than marketers in order to evoke the aromatic waters of social.

THNKR TV is the creation of and we like it less as a repository of insight than as an example of the marriage of marketing, video, and social tech—a menage a trois of Promethean proportions. The messaging from the new “storytellers” is information-rich and data-free so the truth-value is the same as it ever was only more so because of Web-scale distribution and the ability to obtain real time feedback that is itself information-rich and data-free. A cynic might say humanity is now in the grip of an infinite regress.

Sales people will always be looking for an edge so beware of glib insights from storytellers about your newly acquired equality…but after watching the video below we can’t help wondering—if customers’ thumbs are moving are they selling themselves…or fact-checking us?


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