Making Ones or Zeros?

“There’s nothing dumber than a room full of smart people” …. Unknown Sage.

Nothing empowers individuals like social technology. Today, any person in downtown Tokyo or the Serengeti Plain can invoke social media with an inexpensive smartphone, interact with other people and global markets right away, and receive instant feedback on a planetary-scale with no help from an I/T person. Yet the social faithful talk mainly about collective possibilities: collaboration, things we can now do together, how together we can change the world if only we would just forget about privacy and quit worrying about Big Brother. Below is a clip from one of the ironically-named “Brilliant Brunches” at SXSW  titled “We’re All Making Ones and Zeros.” The feelings expressed by the faithful around this table are evocative of the whole show this week.

But it really makes us wonder—if people can’t see the extraordinary possibilities for the individual in “social” are we all making Ones and Zeros or are we making Zeros out of Ones?


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