Nature, Degustacion, And The Culinary Web

30 trillion blades of grass but only a few are fit to eat…

Zebra at El Corazon
The Searcher © 2013 by Nick – El Corazon on FM 362 in Waller County, Texas

Everywhere he looks he sees grass but the Zebra will search endlessly for the few blades fit to eat. A trillion blades of grass are meticulously organized in the field so the greenest ones are easy to discern—if not for that, the Zebra would enjoy a far less culinary life.

Today there are 30 trillion Web pages with more being added every second. But with a smartphone in one hand and a steering wheel in the other we can search for clues to the most succulent information and get an instantaneous response complete with detailed directions. Nature organizes itself via a cosmic algorithm that insures the survival of wildlife…how do humans organize Web pages to enable “search” across trillions of Web pages?

Click HERE for one company’s explanation of how they do it. You’ll learn what goes into producing the degustacion of the culinary Web—and how digital imitates nature.


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