It Takes A Kid To Light A Village

A Kickstarter success figured out how to harness the excess energy of kids…

We love invention and we love KICKSTARTER. Free cash flow can determine stock prices on Wall Street but free cash on the internet can determine if kids without electricity have a light to read by. SOCCKET was funded on Kickstarter and it’s great design. But it wasn’t made for us—the inventors have a different goal.

soccket components
Early investors got a fully functional pre-release model. Parts: soccer ball, ring-stand, LED flex-lamp

Power is generated and stored when kids play. It’s exactly like a soccer ball except 30 minutes of play becomes 3 hours of light. For children in remote villages without electricity, SOCCKET is a breakthrough in “play” technology.

high ball
Re-charging is easy…just have fun
soccket assembled
Play, plug-in, read

The internet, the Web, and social technology are bringing free capital to people with great ideas for making the world a better place. UNCHARTED PLAY is just one company and SOCCKET just one invention spawned by information technology and the power of free. When so much is being reported about the misuse of information technology it’s easy to forget how much good comes from it.

uncharted play
Check out their other inventions at:
soccket bob
Even Bob understands the power of play…

Photos © Nick


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