Grid Hero

To kill an out of control fire you need a Grid Hero…

Heights Presbyterian Church Fire
The Heights Presbyterian Church is 110 years old but nearly burned-down in an afternoon when it caught fire last week

Fires like this require high pressure tactics from up-high and that’s when linemen join the fight.

Ladder 38
These ladders feed high-pressure water guns into the air…they’re a weapon of mass destruction for any fire…but they come in frequent contact with power lines

Fernando piloting the cage

Fernando showed-up in his truck…by himself. He strapped himself in the cage and set the controls for battle. He piloted himself up, cut the lines, capped them, and re-routed power so the hospital, doctor’s office, and dozens of businesses on 19th Street could continue operating…and so the ladder water gun could be safely deployed.

Fernando cutting the line


Fernando capping the line

Ladder water gun

Fernando wrapping-up
Like he did everything else, Fernando wrapped up by himself
As local media sought out bystanders to profile, Fernando left as quietly as he came…no one even knew he was there and fewer knew the crucial role he played in the firefight that day

“Smartgrid” will take decades to do what Fernando accomplished in 30 minutes. He sets a high-bar.

Photos/Nick Noecker

For more on the fire that day see Firefight!


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