There’s A 34% Chance I’m Not Human

“Tolerance” on Allen Parkway – Houston …photo/nick

What if your social IQ as measured by followers, re-posts, and retweets is bogus? “Social Bots” are non-human poseurs that follow, tweet, retweet, and siphon social bitstreams to game the ad-revenue system. In a stroke of Promethean irony celebrities and politicians now find a large percentage of their followers to be fake people.

Young researchers at Texas A&M and Indiana University have been working for years to detect fingerprints of social bots. Partially supported by DARPA, they recently posted a Web service called Bot, or Not (HERE) where you can enter any Twitter id to determine the likelihood it’s a Social Bot. Full disclosure…there’s a 34% chance that I’m not human.

For an interesting exposé see “How to Spot a Social Bot on Twitter.”


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