Body Heat

Today there are 7 billion distributed energy generators roaming the planet…

David Carroll - Wake Forest
David Carroll …photo/Wake Forest

You can generate enough power from your body heat to power your cell phone. It turns out your campfire, car dashboard, even your body generates enough heat to recharge electronic devices. All you need is a way to capture the heat and convert it to watts. Power Felt, invented by David Carroll at Wake Forest does exactly that.

For those of us who’ve long been involved in distributed energy architectures, converting body heat into watts is the archetype. You may not be able to heat your home or power your car with your own body heat but for 7 billion people to power their mobile devices for the one-time cost of a piece of clothing is transformational and disruptive on a planetary scale. Carroll sees sensors embedded in Power Felt providing advance warnings of heart-failure. Let your imagination run.

With the IT world gearing-up for Big Data, Big Computing, and high-powered datacenters, the most disruptive technologies may turn out to be Small Data and low-powered sensors distributed across a sea of humanity.

power felt
Power Felt …photo/Wake Forest

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