‘Field Of Dreams’

Ivanpah Solar Plant
Ivanpah Solar Electric Generation Plant  photo/Brightsource

What has 300,000 garage door-size mirrors, 40 story towers, costs 2.2 billion dollars, powers 140,000 homes, uproots tortoises from their homes, and ignites one bird every two minutes (labelled “streamers” by wildlife experts)…?

Ivanpah Solar is jointly-owned by Brightsource, NRG, and Google. Their belief in clean energy is proving to be as quixotic as the belief in clean data and secure browsers. Where Wind Power has been found to ravage ecosystems and kill endangered species on the ground and in the air, Solar uproots desert wildlife and ignites birds inflight. And while Solar advances toward the levelized cost of natural gas the natural gas pipeline industry has a generational lead managing ecosystem effects.

Every field of dreams generates its own set of nightmares but where dreams meet money, well…you just never know.

Ivanpah Solar Farms

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