The Zombie Record Store

zombie rockers j

Last week 500 million people woke up to hear the iPod classic had been killed and then found a U2 album in their iTunes, generating much suspicion: Who put it there? What’s the catch? Millions had never heard of this aging rock group that hadn’t released an album in more than 5 years (an eternity in Web years). A lame marketing strategy?

The free album was so out-of-character for Apple it’s like Tiffany’s snuck into our bedrooms and dropped a diamond necklace on the dresser while we slept. Yet in the first 24 hours there were nearly 40 million orders for the new iPhone (over 30 million in China alone) and guess what? iPhone 6 is your new wallet and iTunes follows you everywhere, insatiable. Even on the Mac. Delete it, and it pops right back up again. Whiskey…Tango…Foxtrot.

iTunes is The Zombie Record Store that keeps coming at you every time the internet kills it. And it’s survived on every Apple product since the original iPod. It really makes you wonder…is the shocking success of Apple’s most recent product launch due to the mad-genius of cluelessness or the staying power of zombies?


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