Touch Me

The latest version of “smart skin” shows it will soon surpass the real thing.

smart skin
A piece of the prototype smart skin with integrated sensors. Photo/Technology Review

Advances in sensor-tech, digitization of touch, recombinant innovation. Smarter skin is just one of the transformational inventions emerging from the powerful forces reshaping reality. The handicapped of today will be the gifted of tomorrow when artificial skin interprets the physical world faster, better, and smarter than the real thing. Imagine a “glove” for doctors that reveal everything about your physical condition with a mere laying-on of hands. Imagine a smart skin patch that replicates your condition in real time to a Dr. Watson App that diagnoses, prognosticates, prescribes, and notifies you before you realize anything’s wrong. In light of inventions like smart skin, it’s difficult to believe the prediction of ever-increasing healthcare costs. In fact, what if a collapse in price turns out to be the real future of healthcare…?

Touch me. Please.


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